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What is Vasoolbook?

Vasoolbook is an Invoicing, Accounting and Inventory Platform for Small Businesses and Self-Employed Professionals of India.

Why Vasoolbook?

GST Compliant Invoices

GST-compliant invoices are no more a hindrance to your business. Use Vasoolbook to cruise through GST complications.

  • Reconcile your Input and Output tax in a single window.
  • Generate GSTR 3B & GSTR1 and make your GST return filing easy.
  • Legible and effortless GST reports with just a few clicks.

Digital Signature

Worried that moving Digital would remove the traditional practice of physically signing the Invoice?? Please don’t, Vasoolbook has got you covered by providing your signature digitally.

  • Add your signature to the application. (Yes, We love your Autograph!!)
  • Placing the Signature will make the Invoices look professional.
  • Adding your Signature will increase your Business’s authenticity.

QR Code Printing

Now add a QR code on all your invoices that have your UPI ID in them. This QR code will have your UPI ID hidden in it making it safe & secure to receive payments.

  • Add your UPI ID and get the QR Code on all your invoices.
  • Provide your customers, the convenience of making the payment with a single click.
  • Receive money instantly. Instant Money = Instant Happiness.

5+ Invoice Templates

Show your Brand’s power with customized Invoice templates. Customize your Invoice according to your Business’s needs.

  • Colorful and Powerful templates to choose from.
  • Professional Template accommodating all business types.
  • Choose the best of the best invoice templates that suit your business.

What else?


Simple To Use

No Technical Knowledge or assistance is needed to start using the application. Any Business Owner with basic knowledge can get started right away.


Cloud Backup

Never worry about Data Loss. Realtime backup of your data and synchronises across devices instantly.


Highly Secure

Your Data is stored with our secured servers and we never disclose your data to any entity. We promise.


Frequent Updates

Best Product ever built with lighting speed updates. Trust Us. You might check with our release notes under 'WhatsNew' section within the application.

Also, it offers

User Management with Roles & Permissions.

Whether a team of two or more, you can collaborate with your staffs, accountants, partners with limited permissions.


Accountant Login

Read Only Access to your Accountants to download or transfer data to other accounting softwares like Tally.


Manager Login

Permissions like deletion or modification of Invoices are restricted.


Staff Login

Limited Access like restriction of displaying Vendor Information, showing Total Sales and Profits, etc.


Administrator Login

Has complete control of your total business data.

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